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Around Marin County

Awards and Honors

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    The Marin County Farm Bureau
    won County of the Year honors for the second straight year among county Farm Bureaus with fewer than 200 members. 

  • Local leaders in conservation receive state recognition for their efforts and contributions as 2015 Excellence in Conservation Planning award recipients at this  year’s California Association of Resource Conservation Districts Conference:

    ~ Kristan Flynn received the Individual Planning Excellence award.  Kristan is the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Range Conservationist, has worked closely with local ranchers and farmers to implement fencing, water development, and other practices that improve ranch operations and protect soil, water, and wildlife habitat quality.

    ~ Jeff Creque was recognized as the Excellence in Innovation recipient.  Jeff is a career rangeland scientist, Director for the Carbon Cycle Institute, and founding member of the Marin Carbon Project.  His contributions and role include the development and growth of carbon farm plans – comprehensive individual ranch blueprints for implementation of carbon friendly practices leading to significant carbon capture and sequestration.

  • Sonoma Marin Young Farmers and Ranchers member, Andrea Krout, won discussion meet, discussing ways to balance agricultural water needs with maintaining vibrant communities in Sonoma and Marin. Andrea, who raises cattle in Petaluma and works as a district director for a Sonoma County supervisor, discussed the importance of continued improvements in irrigation technology, use of above ground storage and of water reuse programs to address the state’s water problems.

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