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Local agriculture in Marin receives assistance from numerous local agencies and organizations. Working in partnership, these collaborating organizations bring solutions to the obstacles that Marin's farmers and ranchers encounter. To learn more about each of these partners, please go to:


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Partners Update

The Marin Resource Conservation District - which conserves and enhances Marin’s natural resources and includes ~250,000 acres covering the watersheds of Stemple, Walker and Lagunitas creeks - was awarded District of the Year for 2014. The Marin RCD received this award because of their cutting edge work and ability to connect with landowners. The Marin RCD should be proud to be one of the founding members of the prestigious Marin Carbon Project. In combination with world-class partners, they are working to solve climate problems with methods that help landowners and increase the productivity of the land. They have been recognized by elected officials at the local, State and Federal levels for this work. The Marin RCD should also be commended for the number and diversity of partners they work with to complete all their conservation goals. They are especially effective at engaging with landowners and have also been recognized for the amazing participation by landowners in the Tomales Bay Watershed Program administered by the District. This work is incredibly relevant because it conserves resources by working with the local community to solve local issues. Please join us in congratulating the Marin RCD as the Resource Conservation District for 2014.