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Local agriculture in Marin receives assistance from numerous local agencies and organizations. Working in partnership, these collaborating organizations bring solutions to the obstacles that Marin's farmers and ranchers encounter. To learn more about each of these partners, please go to:

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Growin' Grown Local Marin

by Stephanie Christofferson

As Marin transitions from spring into summer, the early mornings get foggier, the days get hotter, and the local agriculture bursts to life with fresh fruits and vegetables. Bright sweet berries, juicy peaches, vibrant heirloom tomatoes, and a host of other summer favorites are starting to show up at bustling farmers markets across the county. With 167,000 acres of agricultural land producing fruits and vegetables, local grass-fed meat, and farmstead cheeses, the agricultural scene in Marin thrives in summer months.

Grown Local Marin unites and promotes these beautiful agricultural products in a collective campaign that highlights local producers. The bright yellow sign seen more and more frequently at farmer’s markets and local grocery stores helps consumers identify products grown in Marin by producers who are a part of our community. Grown Local Marin seeks to promote local products and unite consumers with producers in a collaborative process that is not only good for the environment, but good for the community.

Know where your food comes from - look for the yellow Grown Local Marin sign at your neighborhood farmer’s market, at these retailers, and when you buy directly from these producers.


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