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Local agriculture in Marin receives assistance from numerous local agencies and organizations. Working in partnership, these collaborating organizations bring solutions to the obstacles that Marin's farmers and ranchers encounter. To learn more about each of these partners, please go to:

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2013 Crop Report shows highest value of agriculture ever in the County!

By Jeff Stiles, Marin County Department of Agriculture

The Marin County Agricultural Crop Report for 2013 has been published, recording the highest ever monetary value of agriculture in the county! The Agricultural Crop Report is published annually with pride by the Marin County Department of Agriculture to highlight Marin’s productivity and champion the dedication and work of Marin’s agricultural producers. 

County Agricultural Commissioners are required by law, according to the California Food and Agricultural Code, to prepare an Agricultural Crop Report. Information for the Marin County Agriculture Crop Report includes data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), California Department of Agriculture (CDFA), and a survey sent directly to Marin’s agricultural producers from the Marin County Department of Agriculture.  Participation in the survey is voluntary, but traditionally the agricultural producers of Marin have participated at a relatively high rate. For this reason, the crop report is not an actual accounting of Marin’s agricultural production, but the best indicator we have of annual production.

For 2013, use of CDFA’s new organic registration database resulted in a more complete reporting of agricultural production in Marin, partially contributing to the monetary increase found in the Crop Report for this past year.