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Marin ranchers and farmers heard on the Local Coastal Program

On April 16, 2015 the California Coastal Commission held a hearing for the Marin County Local Coastal Program (LCP). In the audience and at the microphone during the public comment period were a number of Marin’s farmers and ranchers. They were there to offer suggestions and find solutions to the few remaining points of disagreement.

The LCP is a land use policy required of California coastal counties by the Coastal Act. The Commission’s hearing was the culmination of more than seven years of local meetings and planning commission hearings. The draft LCP is very close to completion in terms of policies and procedures that protect coastal resources and support agriculture as a partner in preventing development.

One clear difference remains with regard to the definition of agricultural activities that will be allowed to continue without a permit. A number of Marin farmers and ranchers stepped to the microphone to share their concerns about this point and offer options and solutions. 

At the end of the day, the Commissioners asked that Coastal Commission and Marin County Staff renewed their efforts to find language on this issue that support farming and preserve valuable ecological resources on Marin’s Coast. It is anticipated that these revisions will be before the Commission in November when it meets in Half Moon Bay. 

View clips from farmer and rancher statements below:

Flash Video

Peter Martinelli for web

Peter Martinelli, Fresh Run Farms


Flash Video

Cayman Ackerman for web

Cayman Ackerman, Big Mesa Farm


Flash Video

John Taylor for web

John Taylor, Bivalve Dairy


Flash Video

Sam Dolcini for web

Sam Dolcini, President Marin County Farm Bureau

An archived video of the full meeting including the testimonies of farmers and ranchers can be found online -- comments run from minute 53:00 to 2:37:32.

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