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Local agriculture in Marin receives assistance from numerous local agencies and organizations. Working in partnership, these collaborating organizations bring solutions to the obstacles that Marin's farmers and ranchers encounter. To learn more about each of these partners, please go to:

Partners Update

Bob Berner will be retiring as the Executive Director of the Marin Agricultural Land Trust next month.  He has and will continue to receive well deserved accolades and praise for the growth and expansion of MALT’s conservation partnership with Marin’s farmers and ranchers.  There is another role and contribution that he has made, that often goes unnoticed and for which the entire Marin Community is indebted to him.  There are people you want in the room when a community gathers to resolve tough problems or achieve lofty goals.  Bob is one of those.  This has been demonstrated through the  countless boards and committees on which he has provided voluntary service.  His clarity and critical thinking have lead the way to focus and direction in purpose.  His compassionate and reasoned voice has made room for all viewpoints to find a common purpose.  Since as Bob has said, “he is only retiring…,” it is hoped and maybe even a little expected that his presence will continue to be felt in service to the community.  MALT will continue its progress and impact.  The dedicated and accomplished MALT staff, passing of Measure A, and the identification of Jamison Watts as the new Executive Director of MALT will all contribute to that legacy continuing.  What is needed, now and for as long and as much as Bob can contribute, is his wisdom and care for Marin.  In wishing him all the best, including much deserved time with family and friends, we also want him to know we are ready to welcome him to his next role and contribution to our community.