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GIM News Summer 2013

Helen and Christin in Kitchen

Look What's Cooking in the Kitchen...

Stories of Marin's Cottage Food Operations

Since its launch in January, the California Cottage Food Act, AB1616, has enabled 12 small businesses in Marin County to open their doors.  The original intention of the act was to create jobs across the state of California and the stories from these food system entrepreneurs are an indication that this intention is being fulfilled.

Christin couldn’t be more delighted with the opportunity to take advantage of the Cottage Food Act – it came at a perfect time for her.  Christin Anderson of Christin’s Farmhouse Pastries taught nutrition through cooking classes at UCSF for 20 years.  With the recent loss of the program’s endowment, Christin found herself living in Lagunitas and looking for her next endeavor.  Baking was the one thing she could think of – where she could earn an income while still having the time to do what she loves: connecting with her community and the beauty of West Marin. 

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