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Fall 2015


North Bay Dairy Women: 50 Years & Counting
In the fall of 1965 Loretta Silacci was one of eight women who sat together for the first time to discuss organizing dairy women in Sonoma and Marin Counties, a group that would soon be called North Bay Dairy Women... Read more >>

Marin Carbon Project & the Carbon Connection
What began as a conversation and an idea between a Marin rancher, a local rangeland expert, and a University of California Berkeley professor has grown into a strong partnership of local organizations and multiple ranchers...  Read more >>

Why You Should Look For Grown Local
Grown Local is a collaborative community initiative that seeks to unite local producers and consumers. Not only does Grown Local support local businesses and agricultural producers, it helps consumers...  Read more >>

A Changing of the Ombudsman
While the news about the changing of Marin’s Agricultural Ombudsman is not entirely new, it is now complete.  With its completion, some words of gratitude and welcoming are in order...