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Grow Your Own

This website has loads of information for farmers and ranchers as well as members of the community who are curious about agriculture in Marin. If you’re more of the DIY-type and are looking for help with growing your own vegetables or raising your own livestock, see the links below.

Livestock and Poultry


  • Marin Master Gardener Program provides on-the-ground support for your edibles and ornamentals 
  • This Urban Agriculture Policy Guide provides a high‐level summary of the ordinances and requirements in various communities and jurisdictions across Marin related to gardening and farming in city limits, including for commercial sales
  • Identify bugs, weeds and diseases in your garden at the UC Integrated Pest Management (UC IPM) website
  • UCANR publishes a wide range of books and pamphlets covering vegetable production, pest control, nutrition, and landscaping - see here for the full range
  • Check out a few how-to videos from the Indian Valley Organic Farm & Garden at College of Marin
  • University of California’s Division of Ag & Natural Resources (UCANR) publishes a blog on urban agriculture with stories from throughout California
  • Check out the workshops and factsheets produced here in Marin on a range of topics

Resource Agencies and Ag Partners

  • Connect with organizations both local and national that are supporting the production of good food in our communities

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