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The Road to Successful Business Planning for your Farm - February 2010

Two workshops covering what you need to know to run a profitable farming business
UCCE Marin office
3 - 6 pm

Workshop #1 Assessing Your Cropping Opportunities - February 4, 2010:

  • Identifying crop opportunities
  • Examining your cropping opportunities
  • Recordkeeping of production expenses
  • Risk management
  • Adding value to your products
Workshop #2 Assessing Your Marketing Opportunities - February 25, 2010:
  • Identifying marketing channels
  • Understanding your marketing costs
  • Evaluating your financing needs
  • Regulatory considerations
Shermain Hardesty is the Small Farm Program Extension Economist at UC Davis. Dr. Hardesty sits on the boards of the Davis Farmers Market Association and the California Sheep Commission. Since 1993, she has been the primary instructor for the UC Extension class, Getting Started in the Specialty Food Business.

Penny Leff is the UC Small Farm Program’s Agritiourism Coordinator. She has extensive small business management experience, served as manager of the Berkeley Farmers Market for 8 years, and has worked with Community Supported Agriculture projects.
$10 donation per workshop was charged.

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This workshop was in partnership with the Marin Agricultural Institute

Resources from workshops:

Adding Value (PDF)

Assessing Your Cropping Opportunities (PDF)

Assessing Your Marketing Opportunities (PDF)

Exploring Your Cropping Opportunities (Word)

Marketing Costs in Alternative Marketing Channels (Power Point)

Marketing Expenses - Placer (Excel)

Marketing Workflow for Midsize Multi-channel Farm (PDF)

Processed Food Regulations (PDF)

Risk Management Basics (Word)

SFP Tracking Production Records (Power Point)