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Raspberry & Blackberry Growing - 3/30/06

Marin has a favorable climate for growing caneberries (raspberry and blackberry). These are both high-value crops in the fresh market area, and can yield big profits. The UC Cooperative Extension farm advisors from the Central Coast are on the cutting edge of caneberry production and marketing strategy. The advisors are experimenting with sequential mowing for delayed harvest, growing in tunnels and varietal experiments. This workshop covered basic growing as well as new cultivation methods.

  • Culture of caneberries
  • Siting and soil conditions
  • Varietal choices
  • Marketing opportunities and pricing
  • Mowing and cultivation


Mark Bolda - Mark is a graduate of the UC Davis Plant Protection and Pest Management Program Master's Program, and after graduation worked with a private research company for six years. Mark was hired as Farm Advisor in Strawberries and Caneberries in 2002, and has been working with soil fumigation alternatives, fertility, and pest control issues in both of these crops.

Laura Tourte - Laura is both county director and farm advisor for UC Cooperative Extension in Santa Cruz. She has recently completed research and a cost study of raspberry production. Laura will share with us production costs and expected profit, as well as marketing strategies.


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