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Organic Certification - 3/27/03

On October 22, 2002, the USDA National Organic Program went into effect creating a common organic standard for growers, processors, and handlers nationwide.  The organic community worked for a decade on this new rule, and many view it as a major turning point for the movement.  Third-party certifiers are now in an important and influential position.  What does this all mean for the grower, processor, and handler?  Among the subjects covered were certification for processors and handlers, how to simplify the process, what materials are organic, certification for animal products, and the future for certification.


Stacy Carlsen, Marin County Agricultural Commissioner

Brian Leahy, President of California Certified Organic Farmers

Anita Sauber, works for the Marin County Agricultural Commissioner

Kate Burroughs, Board Certified Entomologist and licensed Pest Control Advisor