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New Farming Models: Farm Succession and Linking New to Retiring Farmers - 5/30/02

Do I want to diversify in my farming or ranching operation?  How do I find out what is the best crop or livestock to add or expand with?  How will this new enterprise fit into my existing farm plan?  Where is the market for my diversification enterprise today?  Where is it tomorrow?  What about value added processing opportunities?  What about organic?  How about help with my business plan?  All these questions need to be considered before jumping into a new farm enterprise.  Steve Schwartz and his associates from California FarmLink discussed how young farmers can link up with land and opportunities.


Al Poncia, Fourth generation Tomales rancher

David Visher, Agricultural marketing consultant

Glenn McGourty, UCCE Farm Advisor for Mendocino County

Steve Schwartz, Executive Director of California FarmLink