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Innovative Trends in Marketing Farm Products - 2/15/07

Consumers are hungry for fresh and local farm products. Traditional avenues like farmers markets, CSAs and subscription programs are maturing. As more producers come on-line to fill the consumer demand, some innovators are looking at how to reach a broader audience. Getting local, fresh food to health and environmentally responsible institutions like schools, hospitals and commercial campuses is becoming a reality and we need to find ways to serve those systems. Only a small fraction of the public has access to fresh, locally produced foods. How can we reach them?

Join us in Point Reyes Station at the Dance Palace Community Center as we hear from innovators who are exploring these pathways.


Jessica Prentice
Deborah Walton
Brigitte Moran

$10 at the door. Refreshments.

Sponsored by UC Cooperative Extension, Marin Organic & Marin Agricultural Land Trust