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Good Grass Comes From Good Soil - 11/18/10

Valley Ford School House
14355 School Street, Valley Ford, California
10 am - 2 pm


Dr. Anthony O’Geen, Soil Specialist, Land Air and Water Resources Department, UC Davis

Dr. Stephanie Larson - Livestock and Range Management Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension

In this workshop, area pasture managers participated in a discussion about Marin and Sonoma soils. Topics of discussion were: How can managers avoid compaction and increase water storage in their soils? What prescriptions are there for timing and intensity of use that will improve soil conditions, pasture and rangeland production, and problems with runoff? These and other soil properties and management topics were covered during presentations and field site visits.

Soils Workshop Flyer

Resources from workshop:

O'geen Presentation: Considering Soil Properties for Livestock Production

Larson Presentation: Better Soil-Better Forage