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Don't Let the Pocket Gopher Pick Your Pocket 4/5/07

They drive you crazy and reproduce like crazy. Our agricultural zone in Marin and Sonoma counties is the perfect terrain and climate for pocket gophers. Plan on coming to this on-farm workshop to learn about all aspects of gopher life underground, how to find them, how they spread, how to strategize the battle, and how to trap them. There will be a special demonstration of the "Gophenator," and discussions and demonstrations of other popular trapping systems.


Paul Vossen, Specialty Crop Advisor, UCCE Sonoma
Mark Pasternak, Rancher & Grapegrower, Devil's Gulch Ranch, Nicasio
Gregg Crawford, the Gopher Guy, Professional Gopher Trapper
Alex Godbe, Hungry Owl Project


Gopher Control
Pocket Gophers Pest Notes