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Clearing the Air - Livestock Agriculture and Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions - 2/2/10

Point Reyes Dance Palace
Point Reyes Station, California
3 - 5 pm

Attention on global climate change has brought into question the role and contribution of livestock agriculture to greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is that livestock production systems in the United States are leading the way in the use of conservation practices that reduce impacts and increase farm and ranch energy use efficiencies.  This includes careful management of herd diets, range and soil management, replacement of less fuel-efficient engines, and the use of methane digesters for energy production. The workshop included presentations and discussion on the topic.

Topics included:
•   Greenhouse gases emitted from livestock production systems and practices to reduce those emissions
•   Funding opportunities and compliance deadlines for the California Diesel Rule
•   Successful implementation of methane digester
•   USDA Farm Bill technological and financial assistance programs

•   Frank Mitloehner,  Associate Professor and Air Quality Specialist, UC Davis Department of Animal Sciences
•   Cynthia Cory, Director of Environmental Affairs, California Farm Bureau Federation
•   Robert Giacomini, Robert Giacomini Dairy
•   Albert Straus, Straus Family Creamery
•   Charlette Epifanio and Jen Gabor, NRCS District Conservationist & Soil Conservationist

Donation $10.00

Co-sponsored by:
Marin Resource Conservation District
Western United Dairymen
Natural Resources Conservation Service

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