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  • HIDDEN BOUNTY OF MARIN has won the Alliance for Community Media 2009 Hometown Video Award for Documentary category.
  • HIDDEN BOUNTY OF MARIN won 2009 Best Documentary at the Marin County Festival of Short Film and Video.
  • Hidden Bounty has received a 2008 WAVE award for Best documentary Profile from the Alliance for Community Media at their Denver event.


  • "Our jury simply loved your film and we are excited to screen it for our audiences at the festival, which takes place July 1-5 in San Rafael, California." -Jen Speed Coordinator, Marin County Festival of Short Film and Video
  • Celebrating Marin's Bounty - UC Master Gardener Marie Narlock's article about the Hidden Bounty of Marin video.
  • “Celebrating its food-farm connections, Hidden Bounty features the Marin community gastronomic players in their glory and drama. This visual representation of the emotions, economics, and ecology that drive local food success leaves the viewer hopeful and empowered. Few foodsheds have been as progressive as Marin in connecting all the dots - watch and learn.”  -Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm
  • "A refreshing taste of the spirit of care, dedication and creativity that goes into your locally-produced food. Highly recommended for all who want to take their appreciation of good food to the next level." - Paul DaSilva, Co-Chair Department of Life and Earth Sciences, College of Marin
  • "An excellent portrait of the complex networks that make up a sustainable agricultural community -- producers and consumers, natural resources and cultural connections, environmental and economic health, and above all a devotion to the quality of both the land and the food. This video will help to inform and inspire student discussion of these interconnections between rural and urban areas, between ecosystems and human food systems, and between universal challenges and local solutions." -  Laura A. Watt, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Planning,
  • “The true lesson of the Hidden Bounty of Marin is that even in the 21st Century, ordinary people do extraordinary things to make a difference in our world. This is about hard-working men and women who teach by example the important relationship between human beings, the land and animals and is a great teaching tool for our K-12 Schools."  -Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools
  • “I use the video with my 4th grade students who are studying sustainability. We paused it between farmers’ stories, responded to discussion points, and sampled local food items. The movie is the next best thing to going to the farms and meeting the farmers personally!” -  -Brian Kaplan, teacher, San Domenico School
  • “I think the movie is a great showcase of what can be done for the next generation on the small family farms in our community. There is enormous potential for valued added products and our local markets continue to prove that. We are a stronger and more noticeable local food shed the more we grow.” -Lynn Stray, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.
  • "Hidden Bounty of Marin is a pure and honest story of agriculture in West Marin." -Warren Weber, Star Route Farms
  • "Hidden Bounty of Marin County provides a thorough but very interesting review of the many issues faced by family farms who are striving for environmental, economic and social sustainability." -Shermain D. Hardesty, Ph.D, Director, Small Farm Program, UC Davis