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Marin Sun Farms Newsletter

Posted July 30, 2007



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This week's beef... 


Have been raised by MSF on our 362 acre Cerini ranch lease in Tomales on Dillon Beach Road. The property overlooks the mouth of Tomales bay, the Point Reyes Peninsula to the south west, and the pacific ocean beyond. These pastures are highly productive and produce a vibrant poly-culture of native grasses including perennial Italian rye grass and a variety of clovers. These cattle are easy fattening Hereford and Angus cross breeds that are averaging 1150-1200lbs live weight. The meat is nothing less than delicious! 

This week's goat...

The goats were raised on the Evans family's home ranch on the Point Reyes Peninsula (H ranch within the Point Reyes National Seashore). The flock is owned and managed by Julie Evans (David's Sister) and plays an integral role in browsing invasive thistles, weeds, and shrubs on the ranches pasture land. They have been raised on pasture (and milk) there entire lives. Their
mothers are also only fed pasture.

This week's lamb...  


Are 5 month old Suffock lambs born and raised on the Bill Barboni Ranch in Hicks Valley, just West of Petaluma. They have been weaned for approximately two weeks and have been harvested directly off of pasture.  They were 100 pounds live weight and are yielding a 45 to 50 pound carcass.  The flavor is mild and the texture is delicate.                                          


MSF Cornish cross broiler chickens are raised on the Evans families home ranch, H Ranch in the Point Reyes National Seashore. These fast growing and meaty birds are raised to 7 weeks of age and yield out at 4-5lbs dressed weight. Their coups moved daily, they feed directly from the pasture and free choice on certified organic grains. They exhibit a chicken flavor that is unachievable in confined chicken production and is a true indicator of their pasture diet and overall health. The birds are harvested on farm on Thursdays, packaged on Friday, and sold over the weekend. These birds should be prepared within 2 days of purchase for the best results. Birds are sold as whole birds only, including heads and feet attached. 


Our pork is coming to you from Devil's Gulch Ranch, located in Nicasio, California.  The sows and weaners roam freely on pasture and are fed organic milk, whey, and other dairy products from Clover Stornetta Farms, grains, and organic breads from Alvarado Bakery.

Cara Parlato
Marin Sun Farms


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