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Farm Bureau lunch to honor our county government & supporters

Every year the Marin County Farm Bureau puts on an all local, home-cooked luncheon at the Corda Family Deer Camp just off San Antonio Road, to recognize the support given to them by our county government and supporters. Farm Bureau members, Marin County Supervisors, and representatives from our agricultural organizations gather together to “touch base” and share news and accomplishments for the past year.

       The luncheon speeches are always lively and informative. Supervisors Steve Kinsey, Susan Adams, and Cynthia Murray, all enthusiastic supporters of agriculture in Marin, offered strong support for our agricultural community. Cynthia Murray, always an advocate for our farmers and ranchers, gave a warm goodbye as she leaves her spot as supervisor for District 5. She has always been a strong supporter of agriculture and will be sorely missed.

        Hank Corda, from the Marin Resource Conservation District, reminded everyone that farmers and ranchers are still not “out of the woods” by any means, and that the pressures of over-regulation, development and increased cost of operations are serious obstacles to remaining profitable.