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2007 Census of Agriculture

Make sure you are counted!

The USDA Census of Agriculture is conducted every five years, and is the most comprehensive source of statistics about the nation's agricultural system. The USDA defines a farm as "any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold (or would have been sold)" including farms, ranches, nurseries, and greenhouses.

The last Census of Agriculture was conducted in 2002. Out of a total 2,128,982 farms in the United States, 59 percent received less than $10,000 from sales of agricultural products, and 79,631 farms were located in California. Census information is used to enable policymakers to make informed decisions concerning farm policies and services, including those which affect smaller farms.

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) will mail out surveys in late December of this year, and operators will also be able to submit their information online. To be sure that your farm is included in the 2007 Census, visit https://www.agcounts.usda.gov/cgi-bin/counts. This USDA-NASS AgCounts Web page includes a short form you may submit online to make sure that you receive a survey as part of the Ag Census. Instead of using the Internet, you could also call toll-free (800) 892-1660 and ask to receive an Ag Census survey. Information that you provide is kept confidential by law, Title 7, U.S. Code.

The 2002 Ag Census included statistics about the ethnicity, race and gender of California's farmers, see table below.

Reprinted from 2007 Census of Agriculture, by Kristin Reynolds, Small Farm News, Volume 2, 2007, Small Farm Center, Cooperative Extension, University of California.

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