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MB Boissevain

Marin's First Farm Advisor, M.B. Boissevain
M.B. Boissevain was the first farm advisor in Marin County and served as agronomist and community leader from 1920 to 1950. During this time, Boissevain captured approximately 500 photographic images of Marin agriculture including its people and farmscapes. These images provide a unique opportunity to embrace Marin's agrarian roots and present bounty, as well as take an intimate look at what life was like for Marin ranchers and farmers during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. Read more about his collection here.  

Cheesemaking in Marin
View these resources on artisan and farmstead cheese in Marin here, and watch this video on cheesemaking featuring Cowgirl Creamery of Pt. Reyes:

Local Stories on Agricultural Diversification
Hear directly from local ag producers in a series of short videos from UCCE Marin. This video below and other videos found here highlight the individual and collective accomplishments of the agricultural community to diversify farming operations.

Karen Taylor, Bivalve Dairy - organic dairy farmer

Hidden Bounty of Marin
Agriculture in Marin is diverse and plentiful, as shown in the award-winning documentary:

Browse a list of articles, reports and other publications authored by UCCE Marin and others.

Photos of Marin Ag
View a collection of photos of Marin agriculture through the years.

Organic farming in Marin
View resources for transitioning to organic practices here, and watch this video about organic farming in Marin, featuring Star Route Farms in Bolinas:

Grown in Marin News
Grown in Marin News” to read: “From 2002-2016 Grown in Marin News provided quarterly insights and stories about agriculture in Marin from staff at UC Cooperative Extension. From trends in farming to interviews with ranchers - browse the archive for ‘snapshots’ of Marin ag over time.