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There are many reasons to buy locally grown food. The benefits extend from the economy to the environment to public health and open space preservation. And then there’s the superior flavor and freshness. Josh Berry's video "About A Sandwich" makes the delicious case for eating locally in Marin.

COVID-19 Update for Customers

Our farms and ranches are feeding the community right now, and when you choose to buy local, you not only keep your family fed, but you help our local economy to weather this storm.

Many farms are selling product through their websites with options for ranch pick-up and even doorstep delivery.  Use the tools below to find your Marin ag products.

...And thank you for supporting Marin farms and ranches.

Go deeper on local food:


  • Slow Food rallies local chapters around their ag producers and the reconnection of communities to good, clean and fair food
  • University of California’s Division of Ag & Natural Resources (UCANR) publishes a blog on food news, following university-related news and info from the Golden State
  • WorldWatch Institute tracks the trends in agriculture as they relate to the environment and human health