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Facts and Figures

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Crop Reports
Every year, Marin County’s Agricultural Commissioner publishes a report detailing the size, strength and economic impact of the agricultural industry in our community. Access 85 years of Crop Reports here.

History of Marin Agriculture
Read the story of Marin agriculture from the arrival of European settlers to the present day. Photos and text here.

Amazing But True - Facts About Marin County Agriculture
UCCE Marin puts various facts and figures about this county’s ag industry into a much-loved document that helps paint a picture of farming in Marin. See the most recent version here.

Marin Ag History
Marin's First Farm Advisor, M.B. Boissevain
M.B. Boissevain was the first farm advisor in Marin County and served as agronomist and community leader for 30 years, from 1920 to 1950.

As part of his farm advisor role and duties, Boissevain captured approximately 500 photographic images of Marin agriculture including its people and farmscapes. These photographs, along with his detailed farm reports, document the development of new animal breeding practices, forage crop and soil improvements, and water quality, and erosion control improvements. Find more images and information here.

USDA Census of Agriculture
Every 5 years, the USDA conducts a survey of agricultural producers across the country. Information gathered includes national, state, county-level data on commodities produced, revenue generated, producer demographics and more. In addition to the Census of Agriculture, the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) analyzes many streams of information to create factsheets and reports that paint a picture of the ag industry at a glance. Some useful info include: