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Current Marin County agricultural information

Issues Articles Type Date Added
Alternate Livestock Markets Research Stage III: Preliminary Results (Marin) July 2006 Interest in Alternative Production and Marketing Strategies, and Demand for Regional Facilities for Processing and Marketing among Livestock Producers in marin and Sonoma Counties PDF 2/25/09
Transitioning to Organic & Sustainable Agriculture in Marin County, November 2004 Report to the Clarence E. Heller Foundation and the University of California Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education Program - November 15, 2004 PDF 12/8/08
Alternative Livestock Production & Marketing, December 2005 A Survey of Marin & Sonoma Livestock Producers - December 2005 PDF 4/1/11
California Olive Oil Industry Survey Statistics 2004 PDF 12/1/08
2005 Marin County Crop Report PDF 4/1/11
The Status of Marin County Agriculture - Feb. 2003 PDF 10/16/08
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