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Grown in Marin

Dairy Products

Watch this video about cheesemaking in Marin, featuring Cowgirl Creamery of Pt. Reyes.

Click here to learn more about Artisan & Farmstead Cheesemaking in Marin.

The dairy business is a long-standing family heritage in Marin County. In the mid 19th century, Marin produced  25% of the butter in California with an average herd size of only 10-15 cows. Now  30+ dairies rank the county 15th in state milk production. Marin dairies keep the industry alive by transforming their rich milk into cheese, butter and yogurt that attract attention of consumers nationwide. You could say Marin dairy products are "the cream of the crop".

Marin Dairy Products

Cowgirl Creamery
Pt. Reyes Station
Specializing in handcrafted cheese using local organic milk

Barinaga Ranch Farmstead Sheep Milk Cheese
Basque-style sheep milk cheese aged for 60 days

Bellwether Farms
Sheep-milk cheese and yogurt

Bleating Heart
Raw sheep and sheep-jersey cow blend cheeses aged between 2-4 months

Marin French Cheese
Specializing in soft-ripening cheeses, sold under the brand name Rouge at Noir

Nicasio Valley Cheese Company
100% Organic, farmstead cows' milk cheese

Pt.Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company
Pt. Reyes
All natural farmstead cheese from cows' milk aged at least 60 days

Ramini Mozzarella
Sustainably made mozzarella from 100% water buffalo milk

St. Benoit
Small-batch, organic yogurt

Straus Family Creamery
Family-owned yogurt, milk, ice cream and butter creamery

Toluma Farms
Organic goat dairy

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