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Marin Ag Summit

The 2010 Marin Agricultural Summit was an opportunity for Marin agricultural producers, processors, and allies to meet and share ideas about a healthy agricultural future.  Participants listened and spoke with others who have successfully transitioned to value-added products and explore diversification options for a viable future. We discussed and prioritized key initiatives that will support Marin agriculture into the next decade.  Delve into the Pre Summit Resources on diverse topics including agritourism, commodity markets, opportunities in environmental markets, Marin’s cropping trends, and others. 

The Marin Agricultural Support Action Plan contains the near, medium, and long-term initiatives to support the viability of Marin's farmers and ranchers that were identified at the Marin Agricultural Summit in November, 2010.  This Action plan has been recently revised in the Marin Agricultural Support Action Plan 2013 Update.

Thanks to all who participated in and contributed to a successful 2010 Marin Ag Summit!

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