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Local Stories on Agricultural Diversification

In fall 2015, local farmers and ranchers took a moment to share their personal stories, accomplishments, and inspirations with us on their path towards agricultural diversification. Local successes include additions of pasture-based livestock products, organic certification, and value-added production, including artisan and farmstead cheeses. This trend towards agricultural diversification across the Marin County agricultural community over the last 40 years has enhanced the environmental and economic sustainability of local operations and helped ensure the viability of agriculture for generations to come. Diversification has helped farmers and ranchers meet changing market demands, rise above volatile commodity prices for milk and meat, and leverage the growing popularity of organic and local, as well as niche and artisanal products.

These stories, gathered in Point Reyes Station at the event Honoring Agriculture Diversification on October 21, 2015, highlight the individual and collective accomplishments of the agricultural community to diversify farming operations. Hear directly from these hard working, entrepreneurial, and creative individuals in the short videos from UCCE Marin below:

Karen Taylor, Bivalve Dairy - organic dairy farmer

Rick Lafranchi, Lafranchi Ranch & Nicasio Valley Cheese Company
- organic dairy farmer & farmstead cheese maker

Dave Evans, Marin Sun Farms - meat processor & rancher

Guido Frosini, True Grass Farms - grass-fed cattle rancher

Janet Brown, AllStar Organics - organic farmer

Warren Weber, Star Route Farms - organic farmer

Arron Wilder, Table Top Farm - organic farmer

Caymin Ackerman, Big Mesa Farm - organic farmer

Tamara Hicks, Toluma Farms and Tomales Farmstead Creamery - sheep and goat
dairy farmer & farmstead cheese maker

Kitty Dolcini, Chi'ken City by Kitty - free-range pastured egg producer

Mark Pasternak, Devil's Gulch Ranch -grazing livestock rancher

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