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Letter to Nicasio Residents

August 15, 2007

Dear Nicasio Landowner/Resident:

The Marin Resource Conservation District (RCD) is pleased to provide information on the proposed West Marin Co-composting Project (WMCP).  Attached for your reference is a general project description and responses to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). The goal of the project is to create a high quality compost for community use that is produced from a combination of three West Marin waste streams (dairy, green waste and equine waste).

The project was initiated when the RCD was awarded a $570,000 grant from the US Department of Agriculture's Conservation Innovation grant program to develop a small scale composting facility in Nicasio. Prior to committing to the implementation of the project, the RCD Board of Directors felt it was important to provide an opportunity for Nicasio residents to be involved in the planning process. The project is expected to yield many benefits including improved water, soil and air quality in addition to support of the local agricultural community.

On May 16th, the RCD presented the WMCP project at the Nicasio Landowner's meeting held at Big Rock Ranch. A local advisory group was initiated to provide community input on the project. On June 23rd a field tour was held at the proposed greenwaste drop off site (Nicasio Quarry) to familiarize all parties with the scope of the project as well as current activities at the quarry. During this time Barbara Garfien has been meeting with landowners and residents to identify community concerns and questions prior to the submittal of a Use Permit request to the County this Fall.

On September 8th, a tour will be held at the Bolinas-Stinson Beach Greenwaste Resource Recovery (greenwaste composting) site to get a sense of the functionality and scale of the Nicasio compost project. Nicasio residents are invited to attend.

If you would like to participate in the Bolinas site tour or would like more information about the West Marin Co-composting Project, please contact Barbara Garfien at (415) 662-2159 or by email at You may also contact Nancy Scolari at the RCD office at (415) 663-1170 or by email at or visit the following websites for updates on the project: or (listed under Resources for Farmers/Educational Resources).

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your participation!


Hank Corda, President

Marin Resource Conservation District

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