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Grown in Marin

General Project Description

The project will demonstrate improvement in the effectiveness of on-farm composting for low-pathogen dairy bedding production through co-composting of dairy waste with bulking agents derived from the local waste stream. It will demonstrate improved on-farm efficiency by reducing hauling and equipment maintenance costs associated with the importation and use of imported bedding material, enhance forage production via improved soil quality and water holding capacity, reduce weed management costs, and reduce costs associated with the hauling and spreading of wet manures on Marin County dairies. 

The project will serve as a pilot demonstration project, addressing the pressing need for a local bedding material for Marin dairies. The project will provide livestock producers and equestrian facilities with a tool to help meet Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) water quality standards and establish a much needed community composting facility and green waste drop off site to address the need for environmentally sound fire fuel and landscape debris disposition in West Marin.

The project will include the following:

1) Development of a community agricultural composting operation at the Lafranchi Dairy.

2) Development of a community greenwaste drop off and grinding site at the Nicasio rock quarry.

3) Establishment of a community waste handling system for West Marin equestrian facilities.

4) Co-composting of three significant West Marin waste streams - dairy, equestrian and green waste- for reutilization as dairy bedding and an organic soil amendment.

5) Establishment of a marketing system for Project products (Marin Organic).

6) Development of a Project-linked educational and outreach program (UC Cooperative Extension Service).

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