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2008 Production Summary
Marin County Livestock & Agricultural Crop Report
from the Marin County Agricultural Commissioner


Marin County is home to all sizes and shapes of farms and ranches. Dairies are the largest and most technologically developed. They are first on the Ag Commissioner's Crop Report for production value at 55%. Livestock themselves make up 21% of reported production. Next on the list is hay and silage, which make up 12%, followed by fruits and vegetables at 4%, and nursery crops at 1%. Most of the land in Marin, therefore, except for 400 acres or so, is grazing land, supporting the feeding and lodging of 32,000 cattle (cows, heifers and bulls), 10,000 sheep and lambs, 250,000 chickens and turkeys, and 1,600 goats and rabbits. 

The vegetable farms are small, 1-40 acres, and are all Certified Organic, growing some of the best crops in the North Bay. Aquaculture on Tomales Bay and Drakes Estero continues to add to the diversity of our farms. We have olive orchards and 192 acres of wine grapes and about 5 acres of apples.


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