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Third UCCE Grafting Workshop & Scion Exchange

GIM Grafting 2010
February was full of productive workshops. During mid-February’s Pruning Workshop at Chileno Valley Ranch, eager participants harvested scions while pruning Mike and Sally Gale’s unique varieties of apple and pear trees. (Scion is a detached new shoot or twig containing buds from a woody plant.) Just one week later in February, these scions, along with added varieties brought by attendees, were used for UCCE’s 3rd Annual Grafting and Pruning Workshop, again at pastoral Chileno Valley Ranch.

About 30 workshop participants gathered in the Gales’ barn with four local experts for presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on grafting to generate more than 150 new apple and pear trees. Paul Vossen, Pomologist, Small Farm Expert, and UCCE Farm Advisor, demonstrated grafting techniques, explained differences between rootstocks, and taught about variables in seasonal pruning. John Valenzuela, horticulturist and permaculture educator, detailed more grafting methods with important safety reminders and directed us to books and other resources on grafting and fruit trees. Patrick Lynch, a Sonoma County expert in permaculture, biodynamics, organic gardening and orcharding, presented information on how to choose our fruit tree varieties wisely. Skip Kimura, horticulturist and garden designer/coach, instructed on the aftercare of our grafted trees.

The workshop day offered a wonderful and rare opportunity to have such a diversity of unique tree varieties. Scions were spread out on multitudes of hay bales in the barn, representing at least 60 different varieties of apple and pear trees. What a treasure chest for grafters to choose from!
All presenters were rich with pertinent information and stayed to coach participants during hands-on grafting activities. Each participant went home with as many fruit trees as they could graft. In addition, participants grafted 40 trees for a new orchard at the Indian Valley Organic Farm and Garden at the College of Marin.
--Jenna Brager, UCCE Intern
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