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Marin Agricultural Focus Group findings on moving forward in profit & sustainability

Focus Group
Marketing: This was one of the most discussed topics. With the increased demand and exposure to county agriculture, all sectors agreed that we could do some work in this area. Do we need a regional identification program? How can the conventional commodity producers begin to cash in on the trends? How can we develop more value-added products? How can consumers become more educated, to encourage a loyalty to Marin products? 

Successful farming and production: Labor is a big issue for row-crop farmers and others. Cost-of-living here restricts an easy-to-access labor pool. New regulation enforcement has handicapped the row-crop farmers, threatening to make production even more expensive. How will we deal with this? In fact, overall for most focus groups, demanding and expensive-to-follow regulations rose to the top of the list. How can we expand our agricultural output under the umbrella of increasingly stringent regulations?
Consumer Education: Although a fraction of consumers are educated about the challenges and difficulties that Marin farmers face, many more are uninformed about what it takes to bring food to the table. What can we do to present a true picture of what farmers do to produce food for us, and how can consumers become advocates for farmers on tough issues?
For more detail, look at the Focus Group Summary and Notes Report on the Ag Summit website.
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