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Farm diversification sheets are now available at GIM site

Thinking about diversifying your ranch or farm? We all have at least six dozen questions that come to mind: what permits do I need? What do I need to turn my milk to cheese or ice cream? How do I get Organic Certification? Can I do a farm stay? Where can I process my lambs? On the ranch? . . . and all the other information needed to make the added-value jump.

For the last few years UCCE Marin and Sonoma have been putting together eight “Fact Sheets” to help get you going on the right track. These mini-guides will save you many hours of research, phone calls and desk visits. The eight fact sheets are as follows: 

Farmer resources fact sheets

• How to Permit your Diversification Project in Marin
• Agricultural Homestays in Marin County
• Establishing a Cheese-Making Facility in Marin
• Getting Started with Organic Certification
• Marin County Planning and Agriculture
• Poultry Slaughter and Processing in Marin County
• Small-scale On-farm Food Processing in Marin County
• Getting Started with Farm Leases in Marin County
• Livestock Slaughter and Meat Processing Requirements
   in California
We are also working on two more fact sheets: “Agricultural Tours” and “Rainfall Capture and Storage for Marin Agriculture,” which should be available soon. You can find all the fact sheets at Click on “Resources for Farmers” located in the menu side bar, and you will find the materials. You can read them online, or download the PDF files.
The Grown in Marin website is very rich in resources for farmers, ranchers, educators, and anyone interested in Marin County agriculture. Take a few minutes to explore our site, and be sure to give us feedback.
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