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Resources for the Public

Agricultural Education Programs in Marin
You and your family can enjoy hands-on learning, from farmers' market tours, to getting your hands in the soil

Agriculture Links
See a list of helpful links regarding agriculture

Agritourism in Marin
Read about Marin's varied agritourism ventures, from farm tours and farmstays to various other marketing strategies, in response to increasing public demand for and interest in local food and agriculture.

Artisan & Farmstead Cheese
Learn about local cheese production and more and download the Cheese Trail Map - your guide to cheesemakers in the North Bay

Backyard Chicken Resources
Read on for information regarding keeping chickens in your own backyard and other useful resources to help get you started.

Eating Locally
There are many reasons to consume locally grown food - learn why and how

Farm Stays and Tours
A listing of Marin farms that are open for tours and overnight stays, and information about Agritourism in the North Bay

Farmers' Markets and Farm Stands
Listings of where to buy directly from Marin farmers and ranchers

From the Farm to Your Table
A consumer's guide to fresh fruits and vegetable

Gardening How-to Videos
Informative resources for people interested in learning more about bees, broccoli, potatoes, and swiss chard.

Growing Your Own Edibles
Resources on a variety of fruits or vegetables you can grow in Marin, including the best varieties for your microclimate, the cultural requirements for the plant family, the pests and diseases that may affect them, and their treatment.

GROWN LOCAL helps the public clearly identify food producers who are based right here in Marin County

History of Marin Agriculture
Since the mid 19th century through to the present day, agriculture has been an important part of west Marin culture

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food Compass
USDA support for local and regional food projects, including an interactive US Map showing local and regional food projects with accompanying narative providing successful producer, business, and community case studies, photos and videos.

Marin County Visitors' Bureau
The official travel resource for Marin County

Marin County UC Cooperative Extension
Offering science-based solutions for Marin's communities, farms, and environment

Marin Farms
A listing of Marin farmers and their products

Organic and Sustainable Production
Learn about organic production and other sustainable methods being employed in Marin County

Access articles, newsletters, and other publications relating to agriculture in Marin

A listing of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, deli's, markets, caterers, florists, culinary schools, and distributors who source Marin-grown produce and products

West Marin Co-Composting Project
A proposed project aimed to create a high quality compost for community use

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