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Business & Marketing Plans and Financing

Getting Started With Business & Marketing Plans

Delve into the business and marketing side of farming with the help of these resources.  Get ideas and methods to enhance your skills and improve your knowledge of business and marketing plans.  Watch this clip for an introduction on how to access the resources for small- and medium-scale farmers in the UC Agriculture and Natural Resources' Farm Business and Marketplace website.  Check out specific resources for business plans and marketing, including:

  • Getting started with business and marketing plans
  • Instructional workbooks on farm business planning
  • Resources for organic farming compliance
  • Analysis of your farm’s competitive advantage

…and much more!

Financing Your Small Farm

Knowing where to begin is half the battle.  Check out what the UC Small Farm Program has to say in their Family Farm Series Publications about how to finance a small farm, before giving it a go on your own.  Review resources including lists and explanations of the documents that may be required, good questions to ask of lenders, suggested credit sources, and more. Also browse the resources, tools, and programs presented in the Access to Capital Guidebook developed by the California Financial Opportunities Roundtable.

What Did It Cost The Other Guy?

Find out what costs are involved in the production of various commodities by checking out the following relevant cost and return studies:


Access current and archived cost and return studies for a broad range of commodities produced in California...

Banks With Agricultural Lending Programs:

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