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How Marin Agriculture Benefits Our Quality of Life and Local Economy

The benefits that Marin's farms and ranches provide to the community are many and substantial, including:

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    Our quality of life and health begins where we live, learn, work and play.
  • People travel to Marin to play in the parks, enjoy local food and visit farms.
  • Residents say that the open space and farms are an important part of why they want to live in Marin.
  • An overwhelming majority of residents believe it is essential to preserve our farmland here.
  • Consumers want to know where and how their food is grown. They want to know more about the people who grow it for them.
  • With nearly 300 farms, agriculture is a growing $80 million industry in Marin. For every one job on the farm, four are created in the community.
  • Our farms and ranches form the cultural foundation for the look and sense of place of many small towns in West Marin, including Pt. Reyes Station, Olema, and Tomales.
  • The largest sector of Marin agriculture is the dairy industry. Almost 75% of Marin’s dairies are organic. Our milk products are famous for their quality and include milk, artisan cheeses, ice cream, and yogurt. Marin dairies supply almost 25% of the Bay Area’s milk needs.
  • Spending money at our local farmers markets, and retail stores that carry GrownLocal products, keeps money in the local community, preserving and creating local jobs.
  • Farms and farmers are key pieces of a social, economic and environmental mosaic that binds people and communities together.

Compiled by Ellie Rilla
UCCE Community Development Advisor & MALT Board Member
April 2013

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