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Off-Road Grant Program Application Webinar
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Contact: grants@baaqmd.gov
Sponsor: Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Learn more about grant funding available for the replacement of
off-road diesel and large-spark ignition equipment operating in the Bay Area. The Air District is accepting applications for grant funding for projects that reduce toxic air emissions and ozone-forming pollutants from older, polluting diesel engines in the Bay Area.

The Off-Road Application webinar is for potential off-road equipment applicants. Grant funding is available for equipment replacements, engine retrofit, engine replacement (repower), and infrastructure for public and private fleets with off-road and agriculture equipment such as loaders, tractors, dozers, excavators, scrapers, forklifts, ground support equipment, portable generators, concrete pumps, wood chippers, water pumps, etc.

The webinar will cover basic eligibility requirements, funding amounts, and the application process, and include a discussion on:

  • Background on the Air District (BAAQMD)
  • Carl Moyer Program, Community Health Protection Program, and other funding sources
  • Basic eligibility requirements
  • Funding amounts
  • Application overview

More than $40 million is available for projects to upgrade or replace on-road vehicles, school buses, off-road and agricultural equipment, marine equipment, and locomotives. Funding is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

For additional information or questions, visit the Air District’s Carl Moyer Program web page or email grants@baaqmd.gov