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Editor’s Column - December 2010

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The 2010 Marin Agricultural Summit was deemed a success. Ninety ranchers, farmers, and ag friends spent a day going over what we can accomplish together to sustain a successful and profitable farm community over the next decade. The crowd was energetic and sharp, with many new voices joining in the big conversation. Old timers and legends, such as Merv McDonald, were present also. Merv and his sons currently run the largest cattle operation in Marin.

The theme of the power-packed event was:“What do you, your family and your community need to be successful in the next 10 years?” OK, that’s a broad question and kind of unfair, since one may need months to figure it out and answer. But we did make some headway. (See Marin County Farm Advisor Director David Lewis’ summary, page 2.) For the participants, thank you for coming prepared, positive, and solution oriented. For those who could not attend, you were missed. However, the Summit is a process, not limited to November 13th. Next steps will include putting time lines and partnerships to these initiatives so that they are implemented. This will be started by sharing Summit results with those of you who could not attend, and with other potential partnering organizations in Marin and beyond.    

-- Steve Quirt, editor

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