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Bolinas-Stinson Resource Recovery Project


The Resource Recovery Project (RRP) demonstrates to all of West Marin how small communities with limited resources can generate both retail items and employment from local waste materials. By producing a valuable soil amendment (compost), household fuel (firewood) and lumber within the community, dependence on outside sources for these materials can be reduced and the goal of community self-sufficiency furthered.

The RRP is currently seeking mobile (towable) screening and grinding machinery to facilitate composting and to refine the finished product. Bolinas and Stinson cannot afford to pay the full costs for this equipment, but if West Marin communities, agencies and businesses join forces with Marin County, the equipment can be acquired and shared.


  • Recycle within the communities
  • Obtain usable compost and wood products
  • Eliminate dump hauls @ 31 cents per mile
  • Create local employment
  • Benefit the environment and the economy


The Bolinas-Stinson Resource Recovery Site received support from the Bolinas Community Public Utility District (BCPUD), the Stinson Beach County Water District (SBCWD), both the Bolinas and the Stinson Beach Fire Protection Districts, the Bolinas-Stinson Community Fund and innumerable local volunteers. Financial contributions are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. Checks should be payable to the BCPUD Resource Recovery Project.

Acceptable Materials:

The RRP accepts green waste and brush up to 4" in diameter. Brushy materials greater than 1" in diameter must be kept separate from herbaceous materials, or separated by hauler at drop-off because these materials require chipping before composting. All brush should be stacked with buttends aligned for easy chipping. Larger diameter limbs and logs are accepted on a limited basis. No food wastes are accepted. Dump fees are $15 per cubic yard, which is comparable to East Marin disposal sites.

Unscreened compost is currently available on site for $20 per cubic yard.

The project site is located on Olema-Bolinas Road outside of downtown Bolinas above the old community garden.

Hours: 3:00-5:00 Tues., Wed., and Thurs. 
           2:00-5:00 Saturday.

Webmaster Email: