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Pey-Marin Vineyards

2004 Pinot Noir "Trois Filles" ($36).
Our 2002 and 2003 Pinots received fantastic reviews ("Smart Buy", 93 points, etc) and strong support from top restaurants and other cognoscenti and sold out very quickly. Well, we have a winner with our Vintage 2004; rich, velvety and exotic, our 2004 Marin-grown Pinot is our best yet. Beaune in Marin? Perhaps. Try it with slow roasted lamb - or even grilled salmon. Either way, enjoy it now or watch it improve over the next 5-10 years. Alas, we only made 14 barrels. Très limité as they say.

2005 Riesling "The Shell Mound" ($20).
Our inaugural vintage of this noble white wine is crisp, racy and refreshingly dry. If you are tired of heavy, "oaky" Chardonnay you will love this wine for many ries.., sorry, reasons. Perhaps the best is our Rieslings strong affinity to mingle deliciously with most ethnic/spicy foods. We know you won't tire of our zippy Riesling this summer. Only 220 cases.

Mount Tamalpais Vineyards
2004 Merlot ($29).
By far our best effort yet, some experts insist our '04 Merlot is better than many Napa or Sonoma Merlots at twice the price. Deep, dark and saturated, yet perfectly smooth and soft, it is perfect for a big BBQ or ripe cheeses - and it will age gracefully for years! Lead, don't follow, and enjoy this spectacular red - you will not be disappointed. 13 barrels.

2005 Vin Gris (dry rosé ) ($16).
Picture this; the sunny south of France, long, lazy afternoons on the patio, lavender and rosemary in the air...well, that perfectly describes our Vin Gris. Perfectly pink, full of fruit - yet deliciously dry. It's so good it's hard not to enjoy the whole darn bottle. A votre sante!


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As always, we appreciate your support of our family enterprise and hope our wines bring enjoyment to you, your family, friends and colleagues.

Jonathan & Susan Pey (& our "Trois Filles")