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Growing Opportunity Farm Finance Expo

Date: March 28, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Contact: Liya Schwartzman at

Sponsor: Grown in Marin

Location: West Sacramento City Hall Galleria, City Hall

Event Details

One Stop Shopping for Ag Loans and Resources for Financing Your Farm Business!

This event builds on the success of previous Finance Expos held in Modesto, Santa Rosa, Corralitos, Sacramento and Watsonville and will provide an opportunity for farmers and ranchers to:

  • Meet Local Ag Lenders and Explore Financing Options

  • Learn How to Pitch a Farm Business for Financing

  • Manage Your Farm’s Finances (Instead of Your Finances Managing You)

Panels and workshops will include lenders, farmers and trainers who will discuss agricultural loans; alternative sources of capital; demystifying debt; preparing loan applications; and offer interactive farm financial management activities.

Don’t under-invest in the future of your farm! In less than one hour, together we can assess your potential need for business financing. Be sure to take advantage of one of these unique opportunities offered by FarmLink at the Farm Finance Expo:

Financial Check-Up

Do you want to get a better handle on your business finances in 2018? Are you thinking of applying for a loan? In either case, FarmLink staff can assist you in a 45-minute session. You will leave with a clear steps to better manage your finances, establish financial goals, and be a successful loan applicant with any lender. You do not need to bring any documents to participate, but you come prepared to discuss your business finances, and the systems you use to manage them.

Loan Pre-Qualification

Are you interested in applying for a loan from FarmLink -- whether for operating expenses, to purchase a piece of equipment, or to purchase land? In these 1-hour sessions, FarmLink staff will review your business financial statements, review your credit report, and determine if you meet eligibility requirements to obtain financing from FarmLink. You will leave with either a Loan Pre-Qualification Letter or a Plan for Loan Readiness. If you meet the basic criteria, we will process your loan application on the spot, as long as you bring your last three years of business tax returns (and/or internal financials), current balance sheet information, and your production and marketing plan.

Please contact to learn more or schedule your appointment in advance.


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